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Specialist Used Cars in London

Please fill out your car's details on the form below if you are looking to sell it. We will consider buying any car of any make or model. We are most interested in cars up to 5 years old and up to 60k miles with Full Service History. However, we may consider cars outside these parameters, for instance if they are rare, interesting or unusual. Classic cars will also be considered.

We will contact you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hrs) to discuss a valuation. If we can agree on a price based on your description, we can collect and pay for your car very quickly.

In some cases we can offer a Sale Or Return / Commission Sale option, whereby we prepare, market and handle the sale of your current car. This option will only work if you are in no rush to sell your car immediately and are happy to wait to achieve the best price possible.

We have a nationwide network of trade and private contacts that we supply cars to. The chances are, we already have a buyer for your car, enabling us to offer the best possible price at any given time.

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